Respond to customer needs in the communication app they use, increase customer satisfaction, and create long-lasting customer relationships. Contactpipe enables an easy and free way to contact you, with the app and devices your customers are accustomed to using. Differentiate from competitors and join to vivid Telegram community among with more than 700 million active users. 

Boost customer satisfaction

  • Free calls for customers to your contact center from everywhere in the world
  • Customers don’t need to worry about the call cost anymore
  • Customers may use their favorite messenger app and device
  • Secure voice calls
  • High-quality audio


  • Customer service receives calls as traditional telephone calls
  • Customer service receives the customers’ phone number
  • Customer service may have one or several Telegram service numbers, regardless of the number of agents
  • For more information, read our frequently asked questions or contact sales

Reduce costs

  • No need for new software or hardware
  • Reduces traditional telephony traffic and therefore costs generated from inbound calls
  • No need to create local service numbers to avoid long-distance or international call fees
  • No need to train your agents, probably they won’t even notice the difference to traditional telephone calls
  • Fixed service fees, predictable pricing
  • Learn more about pricing

Cloud service

  • Redundant cloud service which scales with your business
  • Supports multiple SIP trunks
  • Dynamic call routing to best available trunk
  • Our network consists of multiple SIP endpoint location around the world. Learn more about our network

Built-in security

  • All communication is secure and encrypted
  • Keep your and your customer data safe
  • Your contact center is connected to Contactpipe voice platform using a secure SIP trunk
  • Learn more about security

Get started

If you are interested in Contactpipe, please provide your contact information and we’ll get in touch. We will have the service up and running in just a few days.