Can we use the existing customer service number in Contactpipe?

In most cases no. Currently Telegram accept only mobile numbers.

What information contact center agent receives about an incoming call?

Contactpipe voice platform sends caller’s verified telephone number to the contact center if the number is not secret in Telegram. It depends on the contact center what information is available to the agent.

Is calling always free for the caller?

Calling in Telegram is always free. It does not matter in which country you are or to whom you are calling, it’s always free.

Can we call to Telegram clients from the contact center?

Unfortunately, no. Telegram has strict limits for originating calls. Currently, we support only inbound calls.

Is DTMF supported?

Unfortunately, no. The Telegram client does not support sending DTMF. If you do not want to provide direct numbers to customers, IVR with speech recognition is one possible solution.

Can I use an unencrypted SIP trunk?

No, it is not possible. We are committed to security and privacy. We do not offer an unencrypted SIP trunk at all. Most modern contact centers support encryption. One alternative is to use Session Border Controller (SBC) between the Contactpipe voice platform and the contact center. 

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